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Want to be a pro at driving? Here is what you should look for while selecting a driving instructor

July 26 2022

Thanks to Google, a quick search will bring up loads of names of driving instructors and schools you can enrol in for driving lessons. However, it might not be a good idea to go with the first name that pops up. Like with everything else, some might be brilliant and others not so good. 

So, how to narrow it down to one? It is better to choose cheap driving lessons Birmingham where the instructors are familiar with Birmingham, the wider Midlands area and all the popular driving test routes. There are a few aspects you can go over when choosing a driving instructor. 


Qualification: Find an approved driving instructor (ADI) to get excellent teaching. It means your instructor is up to date with all the required knowledge and expertise needed to help you pass the driving test. 


Reputation: No amount of google searches can beat the personal anecdotes shared by your mates. Ask around your friends who are learning to drive or have recently passed their driving test to know which driving school they went to and whether they will recommend this to you or not. It takes a lot of time to build good relationships in driving school business thus if you are hearing a lot of good things about an instructor, chances are they have taught many learners to pass their test successfully. 


Driving instructor car they have: Are you planning to drive a manual or automatic or hybrid car when you pass your driving test? It is important you convey this to your prospective driving instructor about the choice of car you will be using. There are many cheap driving lessons Birmingham that offers both manual and hybrid automatic driving lessons and have a wide range of cars available for the same. This way you can get used to your car before you hit the road alone.


Total cost of driving lessons: Learning to drive in the UK is expensive. The total cost for getting driving lessons depends on location and instructor. Few the driving schools also offer special discounts for students. You can do your research and look around for discounts but before selecting anyone based on the driving lesson prices, make sure you at least had one lesson with your instructor. There are many cheap driving lessons in Birmingham that offers an individualized approach tailored to each learner and can even adjust your timetable to suit your schedule. 

So we are saying, 

You know what they say “ a student is only as good as their teacher”. You will be putting all your trust and hard-earned money into a driving school and with a driving instructor. This makes it even more imperative to ensure the driving instructor you are choosing is credible. Saving money shouldn’t mean getting settled with a bad driving instructor as that one could cost you more money, in the long run, had you end up retaking your test. The instructor should be highly-trained and DSA qualified. The driving school must present you with options to learn to drive either with females or males. 

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