Common Mistakes That Can Let You Fail a Driving Test in UK

According to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), UK, between April 2019 and March 2020, only 45.9% of people have passed the driving test. Some of you may start speculating that the norms are getting stricter, but that’s not correct. This guide is all about to let you know the major faults that most people commit during the test, due to which the examiner gives them a clear NO.

The driving test begins with your eyesight observation. You may think that the examiner will only ask you to read number plates is not enough! Remember that the brain and eye coordination have to be vigilant whenever you are on the road. Therefore, the examiner also assesses how you anticipate what’s coming next, especially at junctions. Any error committed while crossing the junction will fall under the junctions observations fault.

Next comes the anticipation and somewhat your sixth sense. While driving, you have to observe within microseconds the speed of the approaching vehicle. If you have to turn left or right, and some car is coming from behind, you must make a safe move to ensure that the approaching vehicle doesn’t have to slow down. The examiner will assess it during a roundabout. Even when the examiner has told you to turn right and if you position in such a way that it can obstruct other vehicles and lead to a complete jam, just know one thing that you have committed a major fault while turning right at junctions.

Sometimes, it may happen that you have not pressed the clutch properly and are trying to switch gears. Due to this, gears may create a fuss in between your journey and can break concentration. You may start looking down to check the issue, and in the meantime, a vehicle or individuals appear, due to which you have to apply brakes suddenly.

The examiner also checks how much you use the side mirror and rear mirror while driving. A well-trained and skilled driver will use it smoothly, especially after taking turns, car manoeuvrings, etc.  If you miss those instances, you must understand during the test that you are going to get a red flag for sure.

The core testing of driving comes when you showcase how easily you can control the steering wheel, especially during an emergency stop and bay parking. During those moments, your vigilance should reach its zenith, and any misjudgment can lead to a big mishap. Therefore, you must go through some driving courses to have a hands-on steering wheel. Driving lessons in Birmingham are provided by several driving schools, but you must select the most effective one that can make you an expert.

Lastly, the common mistake due to which you can fail a driving test in the UK is when you respond wrongly with traffic signs and lights. It happens because you skip those signs like that of “Give Way,” and someone starts honking behind and cursing you for not following the rules while driving on the road.

Hence, to avoid such mistakes, in Birmingham, a driving lesson is what you must take to learn quickly about all these faults. There you will get highly experienced instructors who will help you out in grasping driving skills in no time. So, get ready for the driving test and hold nerves for one of the biggest days of your life.

6 tips to becoming a brilliant driver

Are you on your way to becoming a responsible driver, but the overwhelming feeling is standing in the way?

Driving can be quite a freeing experience, but only when you are confident enough to handle the job with perfection. This is where driving lessons and coaching comes into play! Whether you are already taking driving lessons or starting soon, keeping a few crucial tips in mind will help make the journey easier and more enjoyable.

Here’s how to make the most of your driving lessons:

1.Learn from an ace instructor

If you want to learn from experience, you need to find an ace driving instructor.

When taking driving lessons in Coventry, make sure to look for a driving school with incredible reviews and satisfied customers vouching for them. Going wrong with this step can cost you!

2.Take your lessons seriously

Learning to drive is no joke. That said, it’s crucial that you bring your A-game to the driving lesson and take your lessons seriously.

Listen to your instructor carefully and keep their given pointers in mind to drive safely, for both yours and other road users’ sake. You can rely on your instructor for support, but try your level best to be cautious and attentive whilst driving.

3.Learn from your mistakes

Many people aren’t able to pass their driving test because they overthink their actions. This often leads them to the path of making that dreaded mistake.

The only way to overcome your mistakes is by facing and learning from them. Look at your blunders as a test to make you become a better driver upon learning from it. Also, stay calm in such situations as it will help you think straight.

4.Be an active learner

Do you know what you need to be an active learner? Ask questions!
Do you know what it takes to be an active learner? Answer: Ask questions!

Acting as if you know it all won’t work for you here. Remember, you are taking these lessons to learn, so make sure you ask as many questions as you need, to become confident and clear in your driving.

5.Comfortable footwear

When going for your driving lessons, make sure your shoes are comfortable.

You’re still a learner driver and you need to be focused on the road, so don’t risk the sandals or high-heels as this can lead to accidents.

6.Passing the test is just the beginning

Once you’ve passed your test (Congratulations!), but you’re not a professional driver just yet…

The key to becoming a safe and responsible driver is practising regularly. Try to drive as much as possible until you become fully confident, and always keep in mind what you’ve learned in your Birmingham driving lessons.

Once you’re capable of sitting behind the wheel without your heart pumping out of your chest, you’ll be able to enjoy the joys of driving. Bear these tips in mind to master the craft with minimal distractions and stress. Good luck!

… And if you still feel a little underconfident, why not increase your experience with our Pass Plus course! It’s a 6-hour advanced driving course to boost your skills. You’ll be driving on high-speed roads, motorways, in different conditions, so Call Us Today to find out more!

How To Pick The Right Driving School?

Are you a teenager eager to drive for the first time? Or someone who hasn’t driven a car in years? Either way, it’s important to choose a driving school that will help you become a safe and confident driver and of course, pass your driving test with flying colours.

Check out the features you should look for in an ideal driving school.


It’s a red flag if the driving instructors don’t have a professional qualification. Not only should they be qualified by the DSA, but also properly vetted by CRB.


Apart from proper qualification, a driving instructor should have plenty of hands-on teaching experience. An experienced instructor will be able to solidify the fundamentals of driving by teaching you in a way that suits your learning style.

Local Knowledge

If you’re seeking driving lessons in Walsall, it would be better to choose a driving instructor who is familiar with the local driving test routes and driving rules. This will ensure you’re well prepared for your driving test.

Instructor’s Vehicle

Whether you’re going to be driving a manual or an automatic vehicle, the driving school should teach you with a vehicle with a similar transmission. A stick-shift transmission is more complex than an automatic transmission, make sure you enquire about it before booking lessons.

In addition to this, the learning vehicle should be fitted with dual controls to ensure safety at all times.

Crash Courses

If you’re on a time crunch or just need to refresh your driving skills, enquire about Intensive Driving Course in Birmingham. A crash course will work out your pain points in a short span of time.

Reasonable Pricing

Driving lessons shouldn’t end up costing as much as a vehicle. Look for reasonably priced lessons.

Tailored Lessons

Every student is different. That’s why you need a driving school that will tailor driving lessons to match your abilities. Driving for the first time can be stressful. Look for a driving instructor who communicates clearly and patiently.

Get in touch with Just Pass School of Motoring for quality driving lessons.