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Intensive Driving Course in Birmingham

Are you learning how to drive or driving after a long time? The first time can feel quite exciting and equal parts terrifying. The driving school you sign up for plays a crucial role in solidifying the fundamentals of driving in Birmingham. Whether you’re a parent looking for a driving school for your teenager or for yourself, Just Pass is just the driving school for you to learn an intensive driving course in Birmingham.

As a customer-centric service, we have planned a range of driving courses that aim at teaching you all the essential aspects of focused and safe driving, cost-effectively. Our team of experienced and qualified instructors have put their years of expertise to use for curating crash courses in Birmingham, which are fun, challenging and educating. We provide both automatic and manual driving lessons that are worth your efforts and time. Our intensive driving course in Birmingham is what attracts a majority of amateurs because who doesn’t want to be a skilled driver in just a few weeks, right? Fix an appointment today.

Benefits of Intensive Driving Courses Birmingham


  • They are time-based. These courses are perfect for busy bees and people returning to school/ colleges in about a few weeks.
  • They are affordable. Since the driving lessons are squeezed into a smaller time frame, they are priced slightly lower than other driving courses in Birmingham.
  • These courses allow you to interact with your instructor 1-on-1. This means pupils get undivided attention to learn driving and pass the practical driving test asap.
  • Learning the rules and regulations of driving is essential, but physical training is equally important. All of this can be very overwhelming for a new learner. However, intensive courses tackle this head-on and help them feel confident behind the wheels within a few days.


Why Choose Us for Driving Crash Course Birmingham?

What makes our intensive driving course in Birmingham the right pick for you is our guarantee of desired results in a shorter span and efficient service tailoring to fit the bill for you. At Just Pass, our instructors take a personal interest in your growth, which enables them to tailor their methods to help you learn better.

Just Pass has established a reputation of offering brilliant crash courses in Birmingham which focus on each’s pain points and help them gain confidence on the wheel with ease.

It won’t make sense if driving lessons end up costing as much as your car! Therefore, we offer affordable driving lessons for you. Being a reputable driving school, we provide professional and comprehensive driving lessons. From beginners to mid-level, our lessons are available for all kinds of learners. Our aim is to help you become a responsible and confident driver quickly.

What’s more, is that our courses are carried out in a safe environment and under the supervision of intelligent instructors, so feel free to enrol today.

What is an Intensive Driving Course?

An intensive driving course provides many hours of driving time in a short period of time. To ensure pupils pass their driving test at the first attempt, these courses are customised and can vary in terms of length, price and effectiveness. You must book your intensive driving lessons in advance. Once you know the date of your practical driving test, work backwards from the test date to fit your time.

How Long Do Intensive Driving Courses in Birmingham Take?

Intensive driving courses in Birmingham usually take a few weeks depending upon the learners’ ability to commit. We offer a week-long course for learners who can spend multiple hours every day perfecting their skills. For busy learners, we spread out the Birmingham intensive driving course into a couple of days/ weeks based on their availability.

Who Are Intensive Driving Lessons Ideal For?

Intensive driving courses in Birmingham are suitable for people wanting to pass their driving tests in one to two weeks of learning. Pupils enrolling under this programme get roughly around 3-5 hours of intensive driving lessons per day depending on their skills, experience and requirements.

What Should You Consider When Taking an Intensive Driving Crash Course?

First and foremost, you must pick the right driving school for intensive courses. An experienced and qualified instructor plays a key role in making a confident and safe driver. Second, you need an instructor that understands your goals and customises classes suited to your needs. There’s no point hiring a qualified driving instructor if they can’t fit into your schedule or communicate with you effectively. Third, the affordability of the intensive driving crash course also plays a huge role. If you are searching for a qualified driving instructor in Birmingham, Just Pass is an excellent choice.

Our driving instructors are licensed driver trainers holding recognised certifications in Transport and Logistics. We have the skills and experience to convert a complete beginner into a responsible and competent driver. We believe in a patient and friendly approach.

Our lessons are available with flexible timing to accommodate your busy schedule. For all our lessons, we use modern dual-control cars hire to ensure safety. Our driving lessons are highly affordable.

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