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Rani Test

“I just passed my driving test today with Irfan (Just Pass Driving School ), and I had only 3 minor faults. I had a wonderful experience and he helped me develop my driving skills. I passed in a short time. If you would like to learn to drive them I suggest Irfan is the best instructor. Thanks


“I passed my driving test and had a brilliant driving instructor! I would definitely recommend Just Pass”


“Excellent driving school, instructor was professional, polite, and very knowledgeable, I passed first time . I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend”

20160624_112615“I passed my driving test the first time. Thanks to Just Pass!”


“Passed first time. Great teaching, very nice instructor. 5 stars, recommend if you want to learn the right driving skills”


“I had been taking lessons for approximately 4 years with 2 different local driving schools. I got in touch with Just Pass after I had booked my test but my previous instructor then told me a month before my driving test that he had booked a holiday for the same day. Ofcourse I was fuming at my instructor and decided I needed to get myself a new instructor. I got in touch with Just Pass; they were very understanding and had told me that this is what instructors do if they do not think you are ready. Long story short my initial test got cancelled but I booked my next one and passed first time”


“After having lessons with other driving schools; I passed first time with Just Pass Driving School. Thanks Just Pass!”



“I had driving lessons with another driving school before Just Pass Driving School. This other driving instructor just messed me about and didn’t even turn up on the day of my driving test. Luckily I found Just Pass . My Just Pass Driving Instructor really helped and motivated me. I passed my driving test first time.Thanks Just Pass!”


“Passed first time with only 2 minors-thank you Just Pass! My instructor was excellent; I was a very nervous driver and he made me feel at ease, was incredibly patient and explained everything well. He was encouraging and workedc me hard. Plus, the lessons were and I looked forward to them- always a bonus! Would thoroughly recommend this to all.”

20160108_115955“ I was very happy with the service I received from Just Pass Driving School. I passed first time!”