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Affordable Dual control car hire Birmingham

Need To Arrange Dual Control Car Hire In Birmingham?

Have you been searching for affordable dual control car hire in Birmingham? Whether you’re a driving instructor looking for a dual control vehicle to hire in the long term or for short term emergency cover, we can offer you the perfect solution. We can provide both PDI and ADI driving instructors with high quality dual control hire cars, so whether you require emergency cover due to the fact your car is being repaired or is off the road, we can offer you a courtesy vehicle to prevent you losing out on income.

Thanks to our extensive knowledge of the West Midlands’ driving school market, we have the experience and understanding necessary to provide for all your dual control car hire in Birmingham requirements, so you can depend on us to ensure you don’t miss out on your essential revenue even when your own car is unavailable for use.

Could I Benefit From Your Dual Control Car Hire In Birmingham?

Since we are a successful West Midlands driving school, we know just how important it is for driving instructors to be able to remain on the roads even if their own vehicle is unavailable for use. Has your car been involved in an incident or is it currently being repaired? If so, you’re going to require a replacement vehicle to make sure that you can meet your teaching commitments. We offer dual control car hire in Birmingham to address this need.

We offer cars which are fully fitted not only with dual controls but also with an instructor’s rear view mirror and L plates, so you’ll be able to get straight out onto the roads with your learners. We know that when your car is out of use you could lose valuable revenue and your pupils will be disappointed. Our dual control car hire service across the West Midlands ensures that your pupils and you yourself can stay on the road whatever happens.

Our hire service is available to both fully qualified ADI instructors or PDI instructors, so no matter why you want to hire a dual control vehicle in Birmingham, we’re delighted to be your number one choice in the West Midlands.

Short And Long Term Rental Options Available

We know that sometimes your own vehicle may only be unavailable for a day or two. However, in some cases, your vehicle will unavoidably be off the road for several weeks or even longer. Perhaps it requires some complex repairs to be carried out, or it has been involved in an incident. When this happens, it’s only natural to be worried that you won’t be able to earn money, not to mention the disappointment you’ll be causing your learners by being unable to take them out for their regular lessons. When you come to us for your dual control car rental there’s nothing to worry about. Although we’re proud to offer emergency dual control vehicle hire, we’re also happy to offer rental vehicles for a longer period, so you can rest assured that, however long your own car is unavailable for use, we can supply you with a suitable dual control vehicle so you can carry on instructing and earning for as long as necessary.

Why Choose Us For Your Dual Control Car Hire In Birmingham?

If you need dual control car hire Birmingham hasn’t got a lot of options available. Yet we also believe firmly that we’re ahead of our rivals due to our outstanding customer service, excellent level of experience in this sector and our competitive driving lesson pricing. If you select us to supply you with this valuable service, you’ll be completely reassured that you’ll hire an up to date, modern vehicle from our recently acquired fleet. Our professional team can also answer any questions you may have and offer you expert advice, so don’t wait – call us now!

How Do I Book My Dual Control Vehicle From You?

We make it easy to arrange your dual control car hire in Birmingham. Just pick up the phone and call our team now. We’ll offer you low prices on your car hire so you’ll always have an affordable option available, no matter why you need dual control car rental.

It’s important to note there are some requirements which have to be met before being able to drive away your hire car. You must be at least 21 years old in order to hire a dual control vehicle from us, and your licence (either full or provisional) must be valid and clean. If there are any penalty points on your driving licence, you still may be able to hire from us. Just speak to our team and we’ll be able to advise you.

You will also have to show us some documentation before you can hire a dual control car from us. We’ll need to see the photocard of your driving licence together with evidence of your address. We can accept a bank statement or utility bill dated from the last three months. We’ll verify your driving licence details with a check code that you can supply us. This can be obtained by visiting the website and entering your National Insurance number, driving licence number and home postcode. Carrying passengers is also not permitted when using one of our dual control hire cars.

Am I Able To Hire A Dual Control Car If I Have Only An Automatic Licence?

As a leading driving school in the West Midlands, we have some dual control automatic vehicles available for you to hire in Birmingham, so contact us now and learn more about how we’re able to help meet your needs in the local area.

Reserve Your Dual Control Car Hire In Birmingham From Us Today

Have you decided to book dual control car hire in Birmingham? Then give our professional and friendly team now. We’re able to offer you highly competitive pricing on your rental and arrange for your vehicle hire for your chosen date. We’re your top choice in the Birmingham area.