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Driving Lessons Solihull

Affordable Driving Lessons Solihull

If you need to book driving lessons in Solihull, you’ve come to the right place. Just Pass School of Motoring represents excellent value for money, with skilled and highly trained instructors who can accommodate your individual requirements. Driving is an essential life skill, but we know that it isn’t always easy to learn, and that’s why our friendly driving instructors are all experts in their field. We can also cater for your personal preferences, so whether you’d prefer to be taught by a woman or whether you speak a language other than English, Just Pass School of Motoring is the driving school for you.

Passing your driving test isn’t the easiest challenge to face, and to be sure of success you need to be familiar with all the junctions and roads that you’ll probably face on the day of the driving test itself. Luckily, our Solihull based driving instructors are all locals and are extremely familiar with the area around the town. With their unique insight, they can help you to develop all the skills you need to negotiate Solihull’s most popular driving test routes. From the moment you leave the Shirley test centre, to the rural lanes around Knowle and Earlswood, your expert driving instructor will ensure that you have all the key advice necessary to pass your driving test.

The cherry on the cake is our pricing model. We charge you almost half of what other driving schools in the UK charge. We want to help everyone who wishes to drive a car in Solihull to fulfil their wish. Affordable, convenient and exceptional, these 3 words clearly define the driver training provided by Just Pass School of Motoring.

Professional Driving Lessons Solihull

We offer exceptional driving lessons from fully certified driving instructors. Our instructors are experienced and can easily manage difficult situations on the road. They will guide you completely and clear all your doubts. They are DVSA approved instructors who have passed on the agency’s test successfully.

Our professional Solihull based driving instructors are pleased to accommodate your personal schedule, so even if you have caring commitments, a job with changing shift patterns or go to university or college, we have the flexibility to fit in with your requirements. Want to get your licence in as short a time as possible? No worries! Our instructors are also happy to offer intensive driving courses in Birmingham to get you test-ready in no time. Even better, unlike many other driving schools, we won’t charge you any more for lessons at the weekend or in the evenings, and as we also offer great discounts for block bookings and for students, we are proud to say that we offer the most competitively priced driving lessons in Solihull with experienced, high quality driving instructors.

By the time you complete your training, you would have become a pro driver who drives a car with confidence and style. This is the only outcome of our professional training. Enrol yourself now and become a professional driver who can drive on any road with confidence.

Manual and Automatic Driving Lessons Solihull

We understand different people have different driving preferences. Some like to control the gear themselves, some prefer to take it easy on an auto gear car. Considering these differences we have included both manual and automatic driving lessons in Solihull.

Here at Just Pass School of Motoring, we offer an impressive selection of innovative dual-control vehicles in which you can learn to drive in comfort and style. If you would rather learn in an automatic car rather than a manual, that’s no problem – we have modern automatic cars in the Solihull area that allow you to fully concentrate on the roads without any worries about when to change gears.

If you are confused about selecting between manual and automatic, let us help you out.

Manual cars have manually operated gear. So as the road changes the driver has to use his brain and change the gear. Before you change the gear you have to press the clutch and release it after changing. It sounds intimidating but is actually very easy. Our instructors will do their best to make you familiar with manual gear.

Automatic driving on the other hand doesn’t have the clutch. You have to just focus on the accelerator and the brake, the rest of the job happens automatically.

So which one is better? It totally depends on you. Some people want to avoid a lot of footwork and stick to automatic driving while some like to control the car with their own hands. If you still don’t know how to decide you can give us a call and we will guide you through completely.

Driving Lessons Solihull for Pass Plus Drivers

Have you already got your driving licence but feel that you could benefit from a little more practice before tackling some of the more awkward roads around Solihull and the M42 motorway? The Pass Plus course is ideal for drivers who have recently qualified. Our skilled Pass Plus instructors can give you extra confidence to help you to negotiate both town and country roads by day and by night, and give you all the essential skills you need to navigate all the notorious stretches of the motorway system around Solihull.

All our experienced instructors are familiar with the roads and hustle bustle on the roads of Solihull. They exactly know how to make you familiar with different types of situations. Whether it is a busy road or a narrow one or a complicated one way, our trainers will teach you how to drive through these roads smoothly. Our instructors will give you enough practical experience and guidance that there is no way you will be left baffled in a difficult situation on the road.

Trusted Driving Schools in Solihull

Just Pass School of Motoring has been recognized as one of Solihull’s finest driving schools. Many scared, anxious, and inexperienced drivers have become confident drivers who can drive around Solihull in style thanks to our friendly instructors. Our instructors are professionally certified and have much experience assisting students in becoming comfortable behind the wheel. All our driving instructors are DSA qualified and CRB vetted.  The automobiles used for training are inspected on a regular basis to ensure that they do not break down during the course of the instruction. You can count on us to make you a wonderful driver, regardless of your previous driving experience.

DVSA Approved Top Rated Driving Instructors Solihull

Our teachers are all DVSA-approved and have sufficient driving experience to teach you how to drive. The DVSA is an organisation that has defined some tough driving standards. The agency will only give this permission if a person passes those requirements in their testing. It is not just their qualification that distinguishes them as the best instructors, but also their friendliness. With their experience, they can manage difficult situations easily. Whether you’ve never driven a car before or are nervous about getting behind the wheel, our instructors can help you gradually gain confidence and improve your driving skills.

Yes, we offer a Pick-up and Drop service. This service is additionally chargeable to the driving lessons. The price is set according to your pick-up and drop location. However, we advise you to go for this service if there’s no private transportation available to you, an easy mode of public transport, or if you are just starting out and don’t have a learner’s license yet. If you have any of these options available, you can use them or you can try driving to the school with supervision as a warm-up session.

Our driving schools in Solihull offer several intensive driving courses. These courses are specifically designed for advanced learners who have already mastered the basics. These packages offer 7-day and 10-day crash courses that include theory and practical tests. Some of the schools also offer a guaranteed re-test, in case you don’t get through the first time.

Learning how to drive a car can be a hectic task but is surely an important one. Driving comes with a lot of responsibility. After all, it doesn’t just concern you, but also the safety of other drivers on the road as well. To drive a car properly, it is necessary to go through professional training which you can get only at a driving school. Our school in Solihull offers excellent driving packages at affordable rates. Normally, the beginners are charged anywhere between £28 - £270 depending on their choice of package.

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