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Theory Test Training

The theory test is the first step to obtaining your driving licence. Without it, you cannot book a practical test (if you have never obtained a licence before). Although you can take driving lessons before you have passed your theory test, learning the theory will prepare you very well for your first lesson, and help can serve to boost your confidence just by nature of you knowing and understanding more about driving on a road in the UK.

The theory test consists of two sections – the Multiple-Choice section, and the Hazard Perception section. The Multiple-Choice section involves answering a series of questions by choosing the correct answer out of a selection displayed to you, and typically this will cover topics such as road signs, vulnerable road users, and road and motorway rules. The Hazard Perception test will require you to identify developing hazards as a clip of a situation which would commonly occur on a road is played to you. The pass mark for the Multiple-Choice section is 43 out of 50, and for the Hazard Perception section it is 44 out of 75. Considering that getting even a single mark below the pass mark will result in requiring you to pay for and book the theory test again, ensuring that you pass the theory test on your first attempt is our highest concern.

As a result, here at Just Pass School of Motoring Ltd we offer comprehensive support to prepare you for the theory test. We offer access to a database containing every single question that may appear on the Multiple-Choice section, as well as many practice questions for the Hazard Perception section. We also offer classroom training sessions, to be taken with our most experienced and successful theory tutors. We pride ourselves in the quality and consistency of the service you will receive, and we are confident that you will be satisfied with what your money will get you.


The price for the Online Theory Test Training is £10 for 3 months access.

The price for classroom sessions is £300.

If you’re interested or would like any more information, please call the office on 0121 270 5659, contact the office through WhatsApp on 07435 962919, or email the office on

And finally, best of luck on your journey for your driving licence!