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Driving lessons Walsall

Automatic Driving Lessons Walsall

Need to arrange automatic driving lessons in Walsall and are looking for a reliable driving school in Birmingham? Just Pass School of Motoring is the perfect solution. We have highly trained DSA qualified driving instructors who will fit in with your requirements. We know that driving is a key life skill, however, we are also aware that it can be a difficult one to learn. That’s why we offer automatic driving lessons in Walsall to ease you into the learning process. All our approachable driving instructors are patient and friendly. We’re also happy to cater for your preferences, from providing female instructors to offering multilingual lessons for those who have a different first language.

Manual Driving Lessons in Walsall

While automatic lessons are easier to get through, our manual driving lessons in Walsall, on the other hand, will enable you to drive both automatic and manual cars. Just Pass School of Motoring has certified driving instructors on board to give you the highest standard of training so that you are able to negotiate sharp bends and corners while taking full control of the vehicle. Our manual driver training can be tailored to your learning ability, prior experience in driving and other preferences, such as budget, availability, etc. Want to get started? Just Pass School of Motoring is only a phone call away.

Walsall Based Professional Driving Instructors

We know it can be tricky to get your licence, and if you want to be certain of passing it’s important to be well versed in all the roads you’re likely to be facing on the day of your driving test. The good news is that all our Walsall based driving instructors are locals themselves and are thoroughly familiar with all the roads and junctions around the town. They can offer you their unique insight so that you can confidently navigate all the key local driving test routes, including the roundabouts along the Black Country Route and the bus lanes around Old Pleck Road. You can rest assured that your expert driving instructor will help you learn all the driving skills required to sail through your driving test with confidence.

Flexible and Affordable Driving Lessons

Do you work unusual or changing shift patterns? Do you need to fit in around your kids, or around a college timetable? There’s no need to allow your busy schedule to get in the way of your driving lessons. Our driving school helps you learn to drive at your own pace and time. Our Walsall based driving instructors are happy to fit around you, and because we don’t charge any extra for evening or weekend lessons, you won’t find yourself out of pocket. We can even offer an intensive driving course if you want to get your licence quickly. Because we offer excellent discounts for anyone making a block booking and for student learners, we can confidently say that we offer the most competitively priced driving lessons in Walsall.

Why Choose Our Driving School in Walsall

When you choose to learn to drive with Just Pass School of Motoring you have access to a great choice of modern dual-control vehicles including technologically advanced hybrid cars. Don’t want to worry about changing gears? No worries! You can learn to drive in a stylish automatic vehicle that allows you to focus on the road ahead. We offer cheap driving lessons so that anyone and everyone can learn to drive their dream car. Our fantastic instructor training will make you a confident driver in no time.

Pass Plus Lessons for Drivers in Walsall

Perhaps you’re a newly qualified driver who would like to get a bit more practice in tackling tricky road situations? Our Pass Plus driving course is perfect for new drivers who would like to boost their confidence and skills. Our expert Pass Plus driving instructors are here to help you navigate the area around Walsall by night and day, and to improve your motorway driving skills so that you have the confidence to tackle the M6 without worries or fears.

Yes, along with plenty of other packages, we offer a Pick-up and Drop service. The amount you pay extra for this particular service varies according to your pick-up and drop location. All drivers that are responsible for your commute are trained drivers. The ride backs are safe, friendly, and hassle-free.

We offer several intensive programs that are specifically designed for advanced learners who have already mastered the basics. These packages offer a 7-day and 10-day crash course that includes theory and practical tests. The 10-day course consists of 42 hours that need to be covered over 10 consecutive days. The course can also be arranged according to the individual’s needs.

Our driving lessons in Walsall are quite straightforward when it comes to receiving professional tuition from a local driving instructor. These instructors are experienced and surely know their way around the city. The cost of lessons per hour cost £30. While there is no hard and fast rule about the time required to learn driving, an average person would require at least 50 hours to completely learn how to drive a car.

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