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Driving Lessons in Redditch

Undeniably you have many options at your disposal when it comes to finding a driving school, but how many of them have what it takes to deliver desirable results keeping your learning and practising pace in mind? Just Pass ensures that every candidate learns through customised driving lessons in Redditch, which are at par with your learning skills. Whether you want automatic driving lessons or you will be more comfortable learning from a lady, we have the means to ensure your safety and comfort at competitive prices. Also, if you are looking for driving instructor training, feel free to ring us up today.

Automatic Manual Driving Lessons Redditch

If the thought of sitting on the driver’s seat and driving a vehicle gives you jitters, our driving lessons in Redditch will surely boost your confidence. Whether you want to learn driving a manual vehicle or looking forward to driving an automatic car, the expert and experienced instructors will teach you anything. We, at Just Pass School of Motoring, prioritize your comfort. We have flexible timings and schedule the lessons as per your comfort. Further, we also have a fleet of well-qualified female driving instructors for the ladies who are comfortable with female instructors.

So, shed all the worries and grab the steering wheel. Within a few days, you will be able to drive confidently even on the busiest roads of Redditch.

Why Choose Us for Driving Lessons?

First and foremost, we have highly trained and experienced driving instructors. Whether you are a beginner or on an intermediate level, our instructors have the best driving techniques and methods to teach you. Our instructors are CRB cleared and speak multiple languages. Next, we give automatic, as well as manual car driving lessons.

Furthermore, we plan the driving lessons as per your comfort. We are flexible with your timings and design a schedule as per your convenience.

Last but not the least, we offer you value for money, and don’t charge for extra evening or weekend lessons.

Professional Driving Lessons Redditch

If you are scared of sitting behind the steering wheel, our driving lessons will help you tackle your fear. Our well-trained professional instructors don’t just teach you driving but work on making you a confident driver. They take you through the busiest roads of Redditch and prepare you to maneuver even the narrowest lanes.

We plan our driving courses based on your level of driving. If you are a beginner, our instructors teach you everything from the scratch, answer all your questions, and do not mind repeating the lessons if need be. If you wish to pass the driving test quickly, you can take our intensive driving courses in Birmingham.

Manual and Automatic Driving Lessons Redditch

Driving is considered the most essential life skill that everyone must learn. If you don’t know how to drive a car, we will be happy to help you. With us, you can learn to drive a manual, as well as an automatic car confidently.

Driving a manual car is more challenging than driving an automatic car, but our professional instructors make everything easy for you. They don’t just teach you how to drive confidently but also give you useful tips on car driving and maintenance.

If you are more inclined towards automatic vehicles, we have a range of the latest hybrid and completely automatic models for you. Our instructors will happily teach you driving an automatic car.

Our trained instructors give driving lessons all around Redditch, covering all major areas. We have a large network of areas we service and we most likely are wherever you need us. The costs of pick up and drop would vary according to your location. However, the price is worth the saved trouble of figuring out the back and forth between your locations given you can’t drive around on your own yet. If you can’t figure out a route to get back and forth for your selected number of training hours, we can pick and drop you with ease and convenience. The cost ultimately pays off.

Yes, we offer intensive driving courses in Redditch. Our intensive driving course is specially designed for those who want to master driving in the shortest possible span.

Under this course, our highly-skilled and experienced drivers teach you the necessary techniques and methods of driving within a few weeks, so that you can quickly pass your driving test and earn your license. If you can’t wait to pass the test, you can take extra lessons during the evenings or on weekends. We charge nothing extra for these extra lessons.

The charges of the driving lesson depend on the course you are opting for. Our 1-hour lesson starts from £ 9.99 per hour, £30 per hour for a 1-hour driving lesson, £220 for a 10-hour lesson package (£22 per hour), £430 for a 20-hour lesson package (£21.50 per hour), £630 for 30-hour lesson package (£21 per hour), £820 for 40-hour lesson package (£20.50 per hour), £25 per hour for pass plus driving lessons, and £25 per hour for refresher driving lessons.

Furthermore, our student rate is £22 per hour. We offer taxi test training and motorway training for £25 per hour each.