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How Much are Driving Lessons in the UK in 2023?

Learning to drive is such an incredible milestone, right? It is not just about the excitement; it is a skill that stays with you for life. Driving opens up so many possibilities and opportunities.

But, let’s be real, along with this amazing journey come some costs. Getting a driver’s license requires a bit of investment. Don’t worry, though. We have got your back! This guide breaks down all the expenses you might encounter while learning to drive in the UK in 2023.

Here’s the thing: the theory and practical test prices are pretty much the same all over the UK. But the cost of driving lessons can vary depending on where you are. But don’t let that deter you! We’ll investigate the average costs and give you some practical tips to manage your budget like a pro.

By the time we are done, you will be fully prepared to handle the financial side of learning to drive and ensure your experience is smooth, fun, and totally awesome! So, let’s hit the road to driving success together!

Average Costs of Driving Lessons in 2023

If you choose regular driving lessons in redditch buy them in bulk, they will cost you somewhere around £34 per hour. However, prices can vary greatly depending on your location and preferred driving instructor.

On average, most drivers need about 47 hours of lessons before they are ready to take the test. That is a total cost of roughly £1,080, which is quite an investment!

But there is another option on the table – intensive driving courses. These are for those who want to learn to drive in a hurry, like in just 1 or 2 weeks! Intensive courses are very different from regular lessons. They are longer, more frequent, and cost a pretty penny. An average intensive lesson can last 2 to 5 hours, and you must attend them daily. But get this; the price can range from £1000 to £2000 per week! So, you must think it through and decide if faster learning is worth the extra money.

The thing with intensive courses is that they are not for everyone. As the name suggests, they are intense! It would be best to have perseverance, commitment and determination to succeed. Here is a cool stat: they actually have an 88% pass rate, way higher than the regular lessons’ 47%. If you are up for the challenge, they can help significantly.

However, you can also opt for a more laid-back experience! Regular driving lessons are always there for you. It is advisable to carefully weigh your options, understand your budget, and choose the option that suits you best. Either way, soon, you will be hitting the road with a driver’s license in hand!

What Other Costs Are Involved in Learning to Drive?

Aside from the prices of driving lessons in Solihull there are several other expenses you need to consider when learning to drive. Let’s take a look at these costs:

1.Provisional License Application

First up, you will need a provisional license to start your driving journey. It will cost you £34 if you apply online; if you choose the traditional way and apply by post, it is £43. That is your ticket to professional lessons and supervised driving with an instructor or a responsible driver friend who’s at least 21 and has held a full license for three years.

2.Theory Test

You will have to pass the theory test to get your full license. It is going to set you back £23. And, if you want some study materials to help you ace it, those optional books can cost around £22.

3.Driving Test

The practical driving test, costing £62 to £75, is the final step in your journey. Once you feel confident, it’s time to show off your skills and secure that shiny driver’s license. Remember, you’ve put in the effort, and success is within reach!


Safety is always first, and that’s why you must have insurance before you go out driving on your own. As a new driver, you will need to pay around £80 per month for insurance coverage. But this can vary depending on factors like your age, location, and the car you drive.

Total Cost of Driving Lessons

Let’s understand how much it costs to learn to drive in the UK in 2023. First, you’ll need that provisional license, which will cost you about £34 online or £43 if you go for the postal option. Next is the theory test, which comes for £23. And if you want some study books to help you with the test, that’s an additional £22.

Driving instructors can charge whatever they want for lessons, meaning the cost can differ based on where you live. Also, learning in an automatic car might have a different cost than learning in a manual one. Moreover, whether you opt for regular lessons or intensive ones, or even your instructor’s experience level, all these factors can influence the price too.

Surprisingly, prices have really climbed in the past few years. Back in 2019, the average cost was only £23, but now it’s a whooping £34! That’s a 47% increase!

Some driving schools offer discounts if you book a bunch of lessons together. For example, you could get a 6% discount if you buy a block of 10 lessons. So, be sure to check if your instructor offers any bulk buying discounts.

It is important to consider all these factors when budgeting for your driving journey. It may seem like a lot to handle, but with a bit of planning and some discounts, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a confident and skilled driver!

How Many Lessons Do I Need?

1.When it comes to understanding how many lessons you might need to learn to drive, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach! It all depends on factors, and we’ve got you covered with useful insights.

First off, your past experience with driving plays an important role. If you’ve had some practice before, that will be very helpful and give you a head start. But even if you’re starting from scratch, that’s totally fine! Everyone’s got to begin somewhere!

2. Next up, your natural knack for driving comes into play. Don’t fret if you need some extra time to get the hang of it. Remember, it’s all about learning and improving step by step.

3. Practice makes perfect! It can make a difference if you squeeze in some extra driving practice outside your professional lessons. The more you practice, the more comfortable and confident you’ll become behind the wheel.

4.On average, most learners require about 45 hours of professional instruction and additional practice on the side. But everyone learns at their own pace. So, don’t stress if you need more lessons or if you’re a quick learner and need fewer.
Embrace your journey and enjoy the process of becoming a skilled driver!

Top 4 Tips to Save Money on Driving Lessons

Learning to drive doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are some tips to help you save money while still receiving quality instruction:

1.Research to Find a Quality Instructor

Don’t rush the process of finding a driving instructor; take your time to research and ensure you choose a reputable one. Look for reviews, seek recommendations, and thoroughly check their qualifications. An experienced and skilled instructor can make a significant difference in your learning experience, helping you progress faster and reducing the number of lessons needed to become a proficient and confident driver.

2.Avoid Shared Lessons

Choosing one-on-one driving lessons over shared lessons is a wise decision. Although shared lessons may appear cost-effective, they often lead to less individual attention and slower learning. With personalised instruction in private sessions, you can focus on your specific areas of improvement and progress at your own pace.

3.Look for Deals

Be on the lookout for discounts and promotional packages from driving schools. Special offers, introductory rates, and discounted block bookings can greatly cut down the overall cost of your driving lessons. Grabbing these opportunities can help you save money while still receiving quality instruction. So, stay vigilant and take advantage of these deals to make your learning journey more affordable and enjoyable.

4.Buy in Bulk

Save money on your driving lessons by considering bulk purchases. Many driving schools offer discounts when you book multiple lessons upfront. This approach helps you save money and ensures regular practice sessions, enhancing your learning progress and confidence behind the wheel. It’s a win-win situation for both your budget and driving skills!

Wrapping Up

Learning to drive is not just a rite of passage; it’s a life-long skill that will make your life much easier by saving up your time and giving you a sense of freedom. While the financial investment might seem daunting, with proper planning and consideration, you can navigate the expenses and make it an exciting and rewarding experience. Whether you opt for regular lessons or intensive courses, prioritise finding a reputable instructor who can tailor the learning experience to your needs.

In the end, when you proudly hold that driver’s license, you’ll realise that the investment of time, effort, and resources was undoubtedly worth the newfound freedom and independence that driving brings. So, buckle up, stay safe, and let the journey toward becoming a skilled driver be unforgettable and empowering! Happy driving!

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Davies Thomas
Davies Thomas
Hi, I am Mini Thomas. I would just like to say that Rashid has been an absolute star. He was punctual for every session. He was an excellent instructor, calmly explaining everything in a way that I understood. Under him, I managed to come further than I ever thought possible and I would just like to say that he is brilliant and I thoroughly recommend him for any future learners.
I passed my driving test first time with my instructor Saeed!! Best instructor ever!!
Mazni Mustafa
Mazni Mustafa
I passed my driving test today at redditch test centre. My instructor is Habib
Christos Nikoulis
Christos Nikoulis
I passed my driving test on my 1st attempt yesterday. Excellent preparation and mentorship from driving instructor Raja.
hootan parsapour
hootan parsapour
I passed first time on a new test route that I started preparing at short notice due to a last minute cancellation. This would not have been possible without Amir who went the extra mile to make sure I was ready and confident to pass. I have had my fair share of driving instructors before and during the pandemic where luck was not on my side. I ended up taking a break from driving for over a year. Getting back into driving at a time where driving instructors were in high demand, Amir took me on board and made sure I would be test-ready through continuous practice, manoevrues and mock tests to boost my confidence and learn key routes. He has been the most patient instructor I've come across while being a great communicator and supportive to make sure I achieve my goal without wasting my time, especially by getting me to keep being on the lookout for test availabilities. I'm very thankful to Amir, nothing but good things to say
shingai Chirinda
shingai Chirinda
Passed first time at King standing with the help of Habib. 10/10 instructor
Hina Khan Swati
Hina Khan Swati
Passed my test on my first attempt thanks to my instructor Ansar Jabeen. She was so punctual and utilised every single minute of my lesson to make sure i knew my routes. I really appreciate her patience and her help.
Harpreet Grewal
Harpreet Grewal
Passed my driving test on 1st attempt. Thanks to my driving instructor Salma.Very calm and knowledgeable. Thats all you need to pass your test as a new driver.
Maria Mahmood
Maria Mahmood
I passed this morning with Salma and it went really well and smoothly. I must confess that surely she is a skilled professional trader and the best among all. Before the test my instructor was very good she helped calm me before it was time to head into the test centre and we went over what would happen in the test to help relieve my nerves. She is the best instructor out their so friendly very professional and instructions are easy to understand and take in. Salma was able to easily adapt her teaching to suit me best. She is very sweet and you can tell she only wants the best out of you … she isn’t a instructor just there for the money she will tell you your mistakes and won’t move on until you have perfected it leaving you with no weaknesses.very very highly recommend her as your instructor.
Brandon c Newman Newman
Brandon c Newman Newman
Sooo happy today. I've just passed my test today at Redditch driving test centre. I was with Habib. Really nice guy and helped me to understand the roads, especially the high speed 70mp h speeds.Thanks mate😀