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Is it Worth Going For an Intensive Driving/ Crash Course in Birmingham?

July 26 2022
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Learning how to drive is a skill one must have or understand. It can be a long and hectic process, especially when you have a job. Drivers need at least 40-50 hours of driving before passing their test. Due to this, many people have started to opt for intensive driving courses. 

For the unversed, an Intensive driving course or crash course puts together hours of driving lessons in a short space to get learners to pass their practical driving test. Different crash courses are available all around the UK that varies in length, price and effectiveness, but the question remains, are they worth going for? Let’s look at some of the aspects. 

Time duration: Intensive driving courses are available depending on how fast one needs a driving license. Week-long courses require learners to commit to the course full-time for a week. Busy bees, the same lesson is spread out for busy bees. When choosing driving lessons, ensure the driving school is flexible enough to accommodate your busy schedule.

Effective: Indeed intensive driving course allows you to pass your driving test, but learning isn’t just about taking the driving test. Hence, you should join a crash course Birmingham that provides you with the experience of driving in various road and weather conditions. This ensures that you turn out to be well-rounded as a driver.

Level of difficulty: While some find it easy and prefer the fast pace, others have to struggle with the pressure of getting ready in a short span of time. It all boils down to your personal learning preference. But, remember, whether you take two hours of driving lessons or opt for a week-long course, you will still need to take the same driving test with less time to prepare yourself mentally. 

Is an intensive driving course worth it for me?

Crash courses or intensive driving courses will allow you to train quickly, provided you show a natural aptitude for driving. With weekly driving lessons, it is might possible to skip one or two things, but with intensive driving lessons, everything will be fresh on your mind. This will save your money and time as you will need fewer hours of training. Ensure your driving instructors have licensed driver trainers with recognized transport and logistics certifications. 

If, after getting your driving license, you feel you could benefit from a little more practice, then driving lessons Solihull in the pass plus course is ideal for you. This course will give you extra confidence to help you navigate through town and country roads. 

From the above points, it is established that intensive driving courses allow people to get on the road quickly. Going for a crash course perfectly makes sense if your employment contract or some other urgency requires you to have driving lessons. Quick learners may even find crash courses cost-effective as you will be paying for a set number of classes with a particular test date at the end of the completion of those lessons. Thus, before you decide whether the intensive driving course is for you, consult with a driving instructor, as this will give you an idea of whether the crash course is the right option. 

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