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How to Learn to Drive Quickly ?

March 28 2023

For anyone turning 17, we all know what’s on their mind! Like any other milestone, learning to drive and getting behind the wheel are the most important ones we look forward to reaching. Learning to drive is a rite of passage, and nothing can beat the rush of being a qualified driver for the first time. The feeling of accomplishment, freedom, and independence is simply incomparable. If you pass your driver’s test, you will join the 45 million drivers on UK roads. But to get there, you must first get your driving licence.

Tips to Learn to Drive Quickly

In the excitement of getting our hands on the licence, we may overlook some of the complexities of how to learn to drive quickly. The first and the most important step towards that is learning how to drive.

However, many teenagers quickly discover that obtaining a licence takes time. It is not as simple as putting your foot on the pedal and doing whatever you’ve seen your mum or dad do while they drive you to school or football. There is a lot more hard work and guidance involved. Some skills are more challenging to learn than others – but fortunately, with driving, if you have an excellent instructor and receive good driving lessons – consider half the battle won. You can choose classes based on your convenience – could be a crash course or a once-a-week class that gives you time to practice your skills. And with the right approach and mindset, learning to steer your four-wheeler can be a smooth and enjoyable experience. This post will discuss tips and ways to learn to drive well and get confident at it, so you can get on the road and enjoy the freedom of being in control of the wheels!

Give a Head Start to Yourself

Before you jump the gun and strap yourself in, some formalities need to be addressed before you can even think about driving – you will first need to apply for your provisional driving licence. You can’t call yourself a learner driver until you have a provisional licence. You can do this any time once you’re over 15 years and nine months old, but it will be valid only when you turn 16. You can fill out the application online or at your local post office. Once you turn 17, you can begin to learn driving quickly. Although even if you have a provisional licence, you must be accompanied by a driving instructor or someone else who fits the legal criteria when you are at the wheel.

After submitting your application, your provisional licence will take at least two weeks. It is also an excellent time to start looking into driving schools and instructors in your area. The instructors will also help you prepare for your practical tests.

Choose the Right Transmission

You have two transmission options when learning how to drive quickly: manual or automatic. It would help if you decided which you would like to opt for when learning to drive. When looking for an instructor or a driving school, consider what car they use. Manual cars have a clutch pedal and require the driver to change gears manually, while automatic cars do not have a clutch pedal, and gears change automatically.

While automatic vehicles are easier to drive, legally, you cannot drive a manual if you pass in an automatic. Unless you’ve disabilities that prevent you from driving a manual, a manual licence is a much more flexible option, and you can typically find much cheaper manual cars when you are looking to buy your first own car. Hired cars are often cheaper and more readily available in manual form, so bear that in mind.

Study the Theory From the Start

Everyone who drives will give you their two cents about the theory and its test. To pass your driving test, you must prove that you understand the idea behind driving. Contrary to what you may have heard from friends or family, the theory test is not based on common sense. The theory covers a wide range of important topics, from road signs & different types of pedestrian crossings to driving rules to hazard awareness. This means you must work hard to ensure you pass the driving theory test.

Many resources, including books, apps and online courses, are available to help you learn the theoryat your own pace. The DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) also provides free online theory test practice services to help you prepare for the actual theory exam. After that, you must pass the practical test to obtain your license.

Take an intensive driving course

Driving courses are designed to teach you the necessary skills and help you pass your driving test quickly. Different intensive driving courses are available, from an intensive course lasting a few days to weekly lessons lasting several months when selecting a driving school that will provide a structured approach to help you pass the driving test.

If you want to earn the licence as soon as possible, intensive driving courses are the quickest and most efficient way to obtain your licence. Instead of spreading out one-hour lessons over a few months, you can pack many lessons into a crash course or intensive courses of a few weeks. This will prepare you for the test quickly and help you remember important information for the big day.

Look for An Experienced Instructor

When learning to drive, having a good instructor can make all the difference. An experienced instructor can teach you the skills necessary to learn to drive safely and quickly and ace your test. If you would like to get test ready, look for driving instructors who are fully qualified and will provide you with a structured approach to get you through the driving test.

Practice in Between Lessons

As the adage goes, practice does make one perfect. Learning to drive requires a lot of practice, and the more time you spend behind the wheel, the more confident you will become. If possible, arrange for someone to accompany you while practising your instructors’ lessons. This will boost your confidence and reinforce your abilities. However, you must remember that only licensed drivers are allowed to accompany learners. Practising in quiet areas with little traffic, such as car parks or quiet suburban streets, is a good idea. You can tackle busier areas and more demanding situations as you gain more control over the vehicle and your skills.

Learn From Your Common Mistakes

We know that making mistakes is an inevitable part of the learning process, even when you are learning to drive. You must learn from your mistakes and apply your learning to improve your driving. For instance, if you struggle with reversing around a corner, practise it more frequently until you are confident in doing it correctly.


At times, learning to drive can be an exhilarating and frustrating experience, and it is easy to get disheartened. When it comes to mastering any skill, perseverance is the key. Continue to put into practice what your driving instructor has been teaching you at driving school, and you should be set. Instead of panicking and deciding that driving isn’t your cup of tea, you should heed your instructor’s advice and persevere. Look at any misjudgement as a test to make you become a better driver upon learning from it. And most of all, remember to stay calm in all situations.

Judging Speed

When you start automatic driving lessons with an instructor at a driving school, they will initially prompt you on the speed to maintain. However, as you progress, you will have to start deciding what speed to maintain and judge the speed of the other vehicles on the road. Learning about different speed limits and accordingly adjusting your speed is also essential. And it would help if you never forgot that driving too slow can be as hazardous as moving fast.

Getting Comfortable With Your Car

As much as being a careful and safe driver is essential, it’s even more important to be comfortable behind the steering wheel. Be patient when learning to drive a car, and be confident as you gain more experience behind the wheel. Learner drivers should familiarise themselves with the location of the ABCs – the accelerator, brake, and clutch pedals whilst manoeuvring the steering and the gear stick. Feeling comfortable in your car will make it easier for you to focus on the road. It is also wise to inquire about learner driver insurance and get quotes from different providers.

Getting Extra Practice From Your Parents

Try and rope in your parents or other family members to join you on informal drives where you can practise the skills your instructor has taught you. It will increase your confidence behind the wheel and help reinforce your abilities. Remember that only some people can take you out for these practice lessons – the other person must be over 21 and have held a licence for over three years.

Get to Know The Test Route Well

We can’t stress the importance of learning to drive in the area around your test centres enough. If your driving school doesn’t cover the area, ask a family member to accompany you for a test lesson. First, choose a test centre close to where you live; if you’re learning with a local ADI, they’ll help you get used to the area’s most challenging road types and features. Finally, when you take the practical driving test, you’ll know the area like the back of your hand.

Relax and Stay Calm while Driving

Driving can be stressful and overwhelming, especially if it determines whether you get a driving licence by the end of it. Hence it is important to remain calm and focus on what you have learned during the driving lesson at the driving school.

Speed up learning to drive with Justpass

Take the stress out of driving classes! The best way to learn the fundamentals of driving is through a planned and systematic approach, which a driving school offers. If you are wondering how to learn to drive quickly in the UK, contact us and let our experienced local instructor at Just Pass give you the confidence to hit the pedals. Learning to operate and drive a car will boost your confidence and ensure you drive confidently.

Enrol with Just Pass today for the best quality driving lessons in various locations across the UK, and we will make you a safer and more dependable driver and help you pass your test.

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Davies Thomas
Davies Thomas
Hi, I am Mini Thomas. I would just like to say that Rashid has been an absolute star. He was punctual for every session. He was an excellent instructor, calmly explaining everything in a way that I understood. Under him, I managed to come further than I ever thought possible and I would just like to say that he is brilliant and I thoroughly recommend him for any future learners.
I passed my driving test first time with my instructor Saeed!! Best instructor ever!!
Mazni Mustafa
Mazni Mustafa
I passed my driving test today at redditch test centre. My instructor is Habib
Christos Nikoulis
Christos Nikoulis
I passed my driving test on my 1st attempt yesterday. Excellent preparation and mentorship from driving instructor Raja.
hootan parsapour
hootan parsapour
I passed first time on a new test route that I started preparing at short notice due to a last minute cancellation. This would not have been possible without Amir who went the extra mile to make sure I was ready and confident to pass. I have had my fair share of driving instructors before and during the pandemic where luck was not on my side. I ended up taking a break from driving for over a year. Getting back into driving at a time where driving instructors were in high demand, Amir took me on board and made sure I would be test-ready through continuous practice, manoevrues and mock tests to boost my confidence and learn key routes. He has been the most patient instructor I've come across while being a great communicator and supportive to make sure I achieve my goal without wasting my time, especially by getting me to keep being on the lookout for test availabilities. I'm very thankful to Amir, nothing but good things to say
shingai Chirinda
shingai Chirinda
Passed first time at King standing with the help of Habib. 10/10 instructor
Hina Khan Swati
Hina Khan Swati
Passed my test on my first attempt thanks to my instructor Ansar Jabeen. She was so punctual and utilised every single minute of my lesson to make sure i knew my routes. I really appreciate her patience and her help.
Harpreet Grewal
Harpreet Grewal
Passed my driving test on 1st attempt. Thanks to my driving instructor Salma.Very calm and knowledgeable. Thats all you need to pass your test as a new driver.
Maria Mahmood
Maria Mahmood
I passed this morning with Salma and it went really well and smoothly. I must confess that surely she is a skilled professional trader and the best among all. Before the test my instructor was very good she helped calm me before it was time to head into the test centre and we went over what would happen in the test to help relieve my nerves. She is the best instructor out their so friendly very professional and instructions are easy to understand and take in. Salma was able to easily adapt her teaching to suit me best. She is very sweet and you can tell she only wants the best out of you … she isn’t a instructor just there for the money she will tell you your mistakes and won’t move on until you have perfected it leaving you with no weaknesses.very very highly recommend her as your instructor.
Brandon c Newman Newman
Brandon c Newman Newman
Sooo happy today. I've just passed my test today at Redditch driving test centre. I was with Habib. Really nice guy and helped me to understand the roads, especially the high speed 70mp h speeds.Thanks mate😀